Desserts - Bellini Egham
Tiramisu Con Savoiardi4.95
Soft sponge base with a layer of mascarpone cream, decoarated with coffee soaked finger biscuits and dusted with cocoa powder
Cheesecake Limoncello4.95
Ricotta and mascarpone cake with limoncello cream decorated with lemon sauce
Profiteroles Scuro4.95
Soft choux pastries filled with a superb chantilly cream, all covered with chocolate cream
Lattice Apple Pie4.95
A deep filled apple pie made with Italian apples, sultanas and topped with a delicious glazed lattice pastry
Chocolate Fudge Cake4.95
A rich, moist chocolate sponge layered with fudge and coated in a wonderfully smooth chocolate fudge icing
A slice of vanilla and chocolate ice cream with a cream and candied fruit centre
Tartufo al Caffe4.95
Coffee gelato with a rich chocolate auce centre and coated with crushed meringue
Chocolate Orange Bombe4.95
Orange ice cream with a chocolate sauce centre, all covered in Belgian milk chocolate
Mixed Ice Cream4.50
Ask for today's choice of flavours
Lemon Sorbet5.50
Italian fruit pulp sorbet
Vanilla ice cream with a shot of espresso and Baileys
Hot Drinks
Espresso or Americano2.00
Double Espresso2.50
Cappucino, Latte2.50
Tea, Breakfast, Earl Grey2.00
Herbal Tea - Mint, Camomile2.00
Hot Chocolate2.50
Liqueur Coffees
Irish Coffee (Jameson Whiskey)5.00
Italian Coffee (Amaretto)5.00
French Coffee (Brandy)5.00
Calypso Coffee (Tia Maria)5.00
Vino Il Santo4.50
Repa Re Cavit4.50
Tia Maria4.00
Creme de Menthe4.00
Digestifs and Brandies
Italian Grappa5.00
Black Sambuca5.00
Averna Siciliana5.00
Vecchia Romagna5.00
Remy Martin VSOP5.00
Lagavulin 16 year old7.00